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Great people build the success of your company 

If there are two companies of roughly the same size and age, and offering the same services, what is the main differentiator between the two? What makes one company more effective and profitable than the other?

According to Graham Jenkins, executive coach and business mentor - it's the people. Great people, producing fantastic intellectual capital, with high morale, working efficiently and to high standards literally builds the success of a company.

As Graham has years of experience in the recruitment field, he can advise CEO's and 2iC's about best recruitment practices to attract the best people. He generously shares his insights into how to locate and keep the very best people to build the success of your company.

What experience does Graham have?

Graham joined the executive search and selection field in 1987 with his appointment to a leading executive recruiting practice in Sydney where he used traditional search methodologies to recruit for board positions, General Managers and other senior executives. He handled assignments in property, manufacturing, information technology and financial services. In 1991 he established an executive search and selection company, Trinity, and progressively built the reputation, expertise and size of the organisation. In addition, whilst handling leadership responsibilities as Managing Director, he remained hands-on in search and recruitment, handling senior and international appointments. He left Trinity in 2004 after selling the business to a publicly-listed company but still remains active in executive search and recruitment.

For five years Graham was also NSW President of the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA) - the peak body for the industry - and also sat on the National Board. He presided over a period of substantial growth for the association and was heavily involved with government lobbying on behalf of the industry. In recognition of his achievements he was honoured with Life Membership.

Graham now operates as a business coach, an executive search consultant and recruitment strategist and can advise on most issues in the field of the employment and retention of senior executive staff.

How Graham's experience can help you

As a member of Graham's group, TEC 31, Graham will share with you the years of expertise he has in improving the quality of people in your business, and help resolve any recruitment issues you may be facing. Grow the success of your business by finding, keeping and encouraging the best people for your company. Click the link to find out more about how to improve your recruiting process and management skills.

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