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Leadership Training: CEO Peer Groups

An increasing number of executives are consulting coaches and mentors for leadership training and development, and to help them achieve professional goals.

However, good advisors can be incredibly difficult to find and advice from these parties is not guaranteed to be unbiased.

CEO Peer Groups give you the leadership training benefits of executive coaching and mentoring, however work differently- CEO Peer Groups facilitate the sharing of wide-ranging experience and expertise between CEOs. Such groups help members make better decisions; it doesn’t make decisions for them. They create solutions to problems, develop new skills that were not previously needed and ensure organisation performance goals are met.

Leadership Training through a collaborative ‘think tank’ of experienced CEOs

CEO Peer Groups are made up of a number of non-competing chief executives, managing directors and business owners that meet regularly.

At the monthly session, each group member explains current issues facing their business, and solutions and longer term strategies are discussed. The groups act as a collaborative ‘think tank’ and sounding board for business leaders to generate ideas for the improvement of their businesses.

The purpose of CEO Peer groups is to foster individual effectiveness, improved performance, and personal and professional success. Groups are typically arranged by members’ turnover levels to ensure similarity of issues, albeit within a diverse range of industries and environments. 

  • Discussion and analysis
  • Collaboration and negotiation
  • Problem solving
  • Goal setting and holding each member accountable for the achievement of their goals
  • Providing ongoing learning and development through access to information resources and industry expert speakers

Read on to find out how you can develop your leadership skills through CEO Peer Groups and Business Coaching...

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