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Improving CEO Performance through Coaching, Mentoring & Peer Support White Paper


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This White Paper informs CEOs and executives about where to get relevant, incisive and up-to-date knowledge to improve their businesses and work-life balance. Through leadership development coaching, leadership skills can be improved and real development, both personal and professional, achieved.

This White Paper addresses eight key issues:

  1. What is a CEO peer group?
  2. The 7 essential traits of successful leaders
  3. Good decision making skills: the key to being a successful CEO
  4. Goal setting – achievement and accountability
  5. CEO peer groups, coaching and mentoring to improve CEO performance
  6. What a group of CEOs provide that an executive coach can’t
  7. Anticipating and managing change
  8. Personal & professional growth through upskilling

Where do CEOs turn to get good advice?

Leadership consultant and researcher Peter Fuda says that “there is a strong expectation that CEOs ‘know it all’ by the time they assume the role, so there is often not a lot of encouragement to explore areas of uncertainty.” Leadership communication skills are simply assumed, though often some development and coaching may be necessary for most promoted to the top job.

Due to the complex and competitive nature of businesses, it can be difficult for CEOs to find individuals who can provide good advice on the finer points of certain issues. Not surprisingly, it can be quite lonely at the top, and many business leaders experience a sense of isolation that diminishes the rewards of the top job.

This can undermine both the development of the company and the security of their position in the long term.

Mentors and consultants (which are not necessarily mutually exclusive) can help, however it can be difficult to find good advisors who offer a completely unbiased perspective across the wide range of complex issues that CEOs face. This is where CEO peer groups, comprised of non-competing businesses, present an incredibly attractive option from which to seek advice. These 'think tanks' provide leadership coaching and business mentoring, from an aligned perspective based upon real knowledge of what it’s like to be a CEO. Leadership skills development is often the result of joining a CEO peer group such as TEC 31.

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So what is a CEO peer group and how does it work?

CEO groups act as a forum for non-competing business peers to ‘discuss the undiscussable’ in total confidentiality, which helps to reduce the stress associated with this level of responsibility. Each group asks questions and makes suggestions about the issues other members raise. They challenge each other’s ideas to make sure they’re sound and work together to solve issues. The group facilitates individual growth to each member as a business leader.

The unique bond and trusting relationship that members develop within their groups allows them to engage in candid conversations about business issues, life balance concerns and more. This singular focus on the member’s specific issues results in unequalled opportunities for professional growth and greater peace of mind. If you’d like to learn more about CEO peer groups, or would like to find out how you can join a reputable one, download the ‘Improving CEO Performance through Coaching, Mentoring and Peer Support’ White Paper.

About the author: Graham Jenkins

Graham Jenkins now operates as a leadership coach, executive search consultant and recruitment strategist and can advise on most employment and retention issues of senior executive staff. He gained a reputation early in his career for building high performance teams and increasing market share through targeted marketing programmes. Graham was a TEC member for 6 years before becoming Chair of TEC 31 in 2006. He is also chairing a new KEY executive group beginning soon. Please contact him if you have any questions about joining one of his groups or would like to find out more.

What members of TEC 31 have to say:

“TEC 31 gives me a great opportunity to spend time working on the business rather than in the business. Through discussing my business issues amongst a network of non-competing peers, I get feedback from lots of different perspectives, which helps me to develop fresh and practical business solutions. Graham is an astute Chair who facilitates discussion and finds highly useful speakers to address the group. I’m consistently receiving new ideas that add value to my business. TEC 31 is my sounding board and has an incredible ROI. My performance and management style has improved immeasurably.”

- Quote from TEC 31 member, Toby Marshall.

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