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Leadership and Management Skills 

As CEO, you need both Leadership and management skills to ensure the success of your company. Leadership skills are crucial to being a good manager – but management skills are also important to being a good leader. Do you know what the distinction between the two is?

The distinction between Leadership and Management skills

The lines of leadership and management are often blurred and the distinction between the two concepts can be hard to determine. Essentially, these interlinked concepts revolve around the way chief executives motivate and direct their staff. They both try to achieve different goals but the key difference between leadership and management skills is:

  • Leadership is about developing a vision for the company and seeking out new opportunities.
  • Management is about directing a group of people and resources to pre-established vision, values and principles.

To help distinguish the difference between leadership and management, consider the following questions:

What happens when a CEO has leadership skills but no management capabilities?

With leadership, a direction is set which motivates people to follow, but there is little consideration about the way in which the direction will be achieved by the group. The definition of leadership suggests that keeping the group on track is difficult and it is important that leaders try to develop a direction that staff can achieve. Effective leaders also develop plans to implement and manage the visions they set for their businesses and its people.

What happens when there is management but no leadership?

With management, the status quo has to be maintained when supervising a group of people/resources. When there is a new direction, leadership is significant in providing direction for the group of people during the transition stage. Not having leadership qualities when managing your staff can be a crucial error in running your business.

CEOs should use both leadership skills and management to drive their business 

Leadership skills allow you to direct a group to a new vision. Management, on the other hand, typically requires the running of an organisation to principles set out by the company. The ways in which managers and leaders motivate people are different and chief executives sometimes use management or leadership skills, or both.

Developing your leadership skills will help you better manage your staff and your business; clarify your focus and improve your bottom line. Read on to find out about leadership skills development...

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