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Leadership Development Training

Develop leadership skills to effectively motivate, empower, & lead people – Experience improved company performance and profitability

Every day Chief Executives are faced with make-or-break decisions about the business. A CEO with effective leadership skills is able to make choices in the best interests of the company, and drive their people to generate tangible results.

However, for executives looking to improve their leadership skills through leadership development training, it can be quite lonely at the top – but even those in the highest ranks of companies need advice. Good decisions are not made in isolation, but often arise from receiving and acting upon good advice. Unfortunately, this opportunity can be hard to come by. The chance to brainstorm, discuss and analyse ideas with peers is often lacking from the busy lives of CEOs.

An increasing number of executives are consulting coaches and mentors for leadership development, and to help them achieve professional goals.

However, good advisors can be incredibly difficult to find and advice from these parties is not guaranteed to be unbiased.

Leadership Development through CEO Peer Groups

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. CEO Peer groups are now opening up avenues of constructive peer dialogue to executives, working to improve decision-making and leadership skills, and generating tangible results for business leaders and companies.

CEO groups act in a similar way to executive coaching. They create solutions to problems, develop new skills that were not previously needed and ensure organisation performance goals are met.

CEO groups act as a forum for non-competing business peers to ‘discuss the undiscussable’ in total confidentiality, which helps to reduce the stress associated with this level of responsibility. Each group asks questions and makes suggestions about the issues other members raise. The group facilitates individual growth to each member as a business leader.

The unique bond and trusting relationship that members develop within their groups allows them to engage in candid conversations about business issues, life balance concerns and more. This singular focus on the member’s specific issues results in unequalled opportunities for professional growth and greater peace of mind.

Well-Managed CEO Peer Groups Promote Leadership Development through:

  • Clarity of vision, strategic direction and focus in decision making
  • Assurance and peace of mind that CEOs are making the right decisions for their company, staff, customers and investors
  • A disciplined and effective methodology for ‘working on’ the business even during the global downturn
  • A forum within which smart, strategic and thoughtful business leaders can leverage their combined intelligence to share lessons learned and insights gained that help companies to be more creative in pursuing growth or new business models
  • The up-skilling of CEOs by exposing them to numerous real life business cases of other companies that share similar issues, which would allow them to connect the dots to their own situation

Executive peers are able to approach business issues with a problem solving, commonsensical mindset –– a direct result of years of real world industry experience, something that not many executive coaches can provide.  Knowledge and practical understanding is shared between members in order to achieve better business results for each member.

Coaching in isolation is very different from the CEO Peer combination of monthly group meetings, one-on-one sessions with your group leader, and workshops run by industry expert speakers. The CEO model will allow for a much wider range of issues to be addressed and offers a support network much greater than coaching on its own can provide. The knowledge and experience of group members is diverse and varied—combined, they have far more expertise than one coach, (who may or may not have experience in your field) could possibly possess.

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