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Leadership Skills – Traits of an Effective Leader

A CEO with effective leadership skills is the cornerstone to success in any company – as our businesses are only as successful as the leadership that drives them. Below are some leadership skills and traits that we see in successful leaders:

  1. You Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is & Deliver Real Results: A good leader and CEO is one that staff trust and want to follow. This relationship is developed through setting a clear direction for your company and by following through on your promises to deliver results.  Staff who can see that you are reliable, that you set a direction and then follow through to achieve your targets, are far more likely to trust and follow you.
  2. You Stay Positive and Motivated: In difficult times, it’s easy to become dispirited and unfocused in your management position. However effective leaders are able to maintain clarity in these times and lead their company to overcome the issues at hand.
  3. You Make Use of Changing Technologies and the Latest Information: Good leaders aren’t static individuals. They need to be able to adapt to changes and respond to them appropriately, and harness new technologies and information that can save time and money in the workplace.
  4. You Aren’t Afraid to Take a Calculated Risk to Get a Big Return: A leader needs to be able to determine when taking a risk is in the best interests of the group. A degree of caution in life and business is good, but it is those who are willing to go out and try things never done before, that change the world.
  5. You are Hardworking and Driven: Good leadership is not about sitting at the top and leading the team, but also about leading by example. Staff working under a manager who sets a high standard performance and leads by example are more likely to be satisfied and perform at a higher level than those working under a boss who is all talk and no action.
  6. You Put Vision into Action to Generate Outcomes: Passion and enthusiasm are important qualities for a leader to have, but they can quickly become discredited if no effective action is being taken. Effective leaders need to also commit to following through on their visions, and leading the company to new heights.
  7. You are Committed to Your Company and Your Staff: Staff working under a boss who seems doubtful in dealing with issues in the business, or who has poor decision-making skills, are likely to lose confidence and motivation. Effective leaders need to be interested in the development of others, and convey to their staff that they are committed to them as well as to the ongoing success of the business.

Part of effective leadership skills is also management. With leadership, a direction is set which motivates people to follow but there is little consideration about the way in which the direction will be achieved by the group. Read on to find out about the distinction between leadership skills and management...

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