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Business Mentoring through CEO Peer Groups

CEO Peer groups develop skills and improve leadership capability through delivering a unique mix of mutual coaching and business mentoring. They have the same features as business mentoring, such as:

  • A focus on career and personal development: A more long term, broader view of the person and company than coaching
  • A process whereby the mentor is usually more experienced and qualified than the mentee, and is often a senior person in the organisation who can pass on knowledge and experience, and open doors to otherwise out-of-reach opportunities
  • An agenda set by the chair and the individual, with the chair & group providing support and guidance to prepare them for the future 

CEO Peer Groups receive one-on-one Business Mentoring from their Chair

As a member of a CEO Peer group, you also receive one-on-one business mentoring from your chair on a regular basis; however the best solutions often arise from within the group.

A CEO Peer Group Allows You to Consult With More Than Just One Coach

No one person can ever have all the solutions to all of your problems. CEO Peer groups are effective in improving CEO performance specifically because every other member of your group has a different angle on the issue you are bringing to the table. Each person will contribute, and together you can come to the best solution - even if it did not originally appear the most obvious answer. These groups facilitate innovative problem solving for business at its best.

The other members of your group act as a sounding board for you to help develop ideas. Members collaborate with each other to solve issues and their ideas are practical—they come from a knowledge base of lived business experience. You don’t just receive the ‘solutions’ overly based in theory or psychology and not enough in the real world of business, which some coaches will devise for you. The peers in your group know what it is like in the marketplace, and often they know what works and what doesn’t from learning the hard way. A CEO group allows each of you to learn from the others’ experiences. This allows you to acquire practical knowledge that you can apply immediately to your own business.

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