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One-on-one Business Mentoring through CEO Peer Groups

As a member of a CEO Peer group, you also receive one-on-one business mentoring from your chair on a regular basis.

About your business mentor, Graham Jenkins

Graham Jenkins is the chair of CEO peer group, TEC31, and acts as your business mentor; providing regular one-on-one mentoring for group members.  His group is made up of non-competing chief executives, managing directors and business owners that meet regularly.

At a monthly session, each group member explains current issues facing their business, and solutions and longer term strategies are discussed. These groups act as a collaborative 'think tank' and sounding board for business leaders to generate ideas for the improvement of their businesses.

Graham has extensive business experience and the ability to act as mentor for CEOs at the highest level. He understands the unique dilemmas which CEOs face, whether running a small company or large, public or private, local or international. As a member you will also receive one-on-one mentoring from Graham on a regular basis.

Graham also provides a practical and experiential approach to coaching. Rather than being a teacher, advisor or ‘expert’, he works to facilitate his TEC group members through an intensive and accelerated process of professional and personal development.

The coaching relationship encourages a systematic, solution-focused process of:

  • Goal setting
  • Taking action that ensures sustainable behaviour change
  • Reflecting to make sense of these changes in terms of new understandings, the coachee’s initial goals, the desired organisational results and the coachee’s long-term, personal potential
  • Holding you accountable if you don't follow through with your goals
  • Providing feedback to help you grow as a leader and manager
  • Assisting you in developing tailored plans or solutions to your own business issue

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