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Business Coaching through CEO Peer Groups

Business Coaching through CEO Peer groups offers a dynamic way for executives achieve better decision making, elevated personal and company performance, and improved profitability.

CEO groups act as a forum for non-competing business peers to ‘discuss the undiscussable’ in total confidentiality, which helps to reduce the stress associated with this level of responsibility. Each group is led by a chair, and asks questions and makes suggestions about the issues other members raise. They challenge each other’s ideas to make sure they’re sound and work together to solve issues. The group facilitates individual leadership development of each member as a business manager.

Through membership in these groups, CEOs continually work on issues in their business and integrate several techniques and skills learnt from other successful CEOs into their day-to-day work. This creates ongoing positive impacts on personal and professional development as well as business efficiency and profitability.

A day out of the business to work on the business

Different people will of course get different things out of the group experience, but most agree that CEO groups are beneficial in that they give you a day out of the business to work on the business.

Other benefits from being a member of a CEO Peer group are:

  • Clarity of mission for the business moving forward
  • Increased awareness and development of areas of the business that need work
  • Increased accountability, structure and discipline for CEOs
  • Increased self-esteem, efficacy and confidence
  • Larger network of support and business contacts
  • Communication tools
  • Project management frameworks
  • Guidelines, methods and motivations for staying organised

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