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Where should you devote the most time - management, leadership or hands-on?

If you consider what roles you fulfil on a daily basis at work, how do they break down? What percentage of your time do you spend on managing? What percentage do you spend on leading? And what percentage do you spend on completing hands-on work yourself? Your particular break down will indicate whether your business is growing, at a plateau or slowing.

Of course, your particular breakdown will depend on what phase your company is in. For example, if you are in the start-up phase, leadership will be what you spend most of your time on. This involves getting into the marketplace and raising the profile of your business, networking and being seen, visiting target prospects or defining new strategy. A smaller percentage of your time will be spent in the management role – setting up systems and procedures, ensuring you have the right people and equipment. The smallest percentage of your time will actually be spent on doing hands-on work.

Your percentages will shift over time - and how they shift will determine whether or not your business continues to progress.

After this start-up phase, the heads of businesses often shift into this pattern - the largest percentage of your time will be spent on management – maintaining the high profile you’ve built, maintaining relationships with clients, managing staff and processes and recruiting new people and getting them up to standard. The hands-on role will take on a small percentage of your time, and leadership will take on an even smaller chunk of your time. If this happens, your business will plateau.

What needs to happen instead is that you shift from the start-up percentages into spending the majority of your time on leadership and then the rest of your time on management. You should be spending zero time doing hands-on work. Handled properly, this will see your business continue to grow. However, many people don’t achieve this and their businesses slow down in growth as a result.

Consider how much of your own time is spent in leadership, management and hands-on roles. Your specific percentages will have a dramatic effect on the growth or otherwise of your organisation. Is it time you re-evaluated what you spent the most time on at work?

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